Beat Covid-19 with Content

The world has come to a virtual standstill in response to the global pandemic.

With so much disruption and uncertainty, businesses might consider scaling back their marketing efforts, if not putting them on hold entirely. That is the wrong move, even as the pandemic spreads across the globe. Now, more than ever, businesses must maintain an online presence and continue to practice customer outreach while this crisis carries on.

People are looking for ways to connect with the outside world, and savvy brands can help deliver the kind of meaningful engagement digital users crave.

Here are a few tips to build your very own content marketing strategy that would help you overcome this challenging period.


(1) Despite social distancing, people still need to buy products.




During this crisis, consumer behavior has seen a monumental shift. This is the time when people stick to necessary purchases to conserve money. So, it’s better to digitally advertise your products by only highlighting the points & products which merit the consumers’ attention.


(2) Convert your challenges into opportunities.

An example: a cosmetic company in China had to close 40% of its branches. However, it used more than 100 beauty advisors to sell the products through messaging platforms. As a result, sales at the moment exceeded the previous year’s sales that were achieved from the shops

The moral? Branch out and try alternative forms of digital marketing i.e. Content marketing, Web Editorials, etc.




(3) Forget short-term campaigns.

Propagate the narrative to your customers that the Coronavirus cannot make your brand vanish. Rather than trying to promote the sales for the short-term, you ought to make them realize that your company is trying to provide enough supplies for everyone. So, it’s better to change your Social Media Campaign Objectives and be aware of the Societal Marketing Concept to be applied in the Branding Campaign.





(4) The time spent on social media due to Coronavirus.

Due to Coronavirus, people tend to read more about health education and news online. The traffic on Digital Media Websites has increased. Since people spend more time on social media and digital platforms, you should not fail to keep in touch with the consumers and raise your brand awareness through digital platforms.


(5) Digital marketing becoming vital for B2B companies.

It is time for B2B companies to forget the old technique of cold-calling which usually leads to go and meet with potential clients. Instead, you should explicitly display your Portfolios, Case Studies, and Credentials which can support Online Sale Conversions to occur. You can use digital platforms to carry out retention with your clients. Video Conferencing apps and software are also helpful to keep in touch with your clients.


Above all else, listen to your audience. Hear your customers’ concerns and take actionable steps to address them. Let people know you’re working to make whatever small contributions you can to help slow the spread of COVID-19, even if that means business suffers in the short term.

Digital marketing is not a panacea for businesses struggling during the coronavirus crisis. But it will help brands stay connected to customers and prospects, minimize the fallout from COVID-19, and weather the storm.