Find your Ideal Husband

Are you looking for your Prince charming? Or your knight in shining armor? Or well that one soulmate that lives amongst other billions of souls on our planet? The one that ‘completes’ you?

Take for instance you find the person you’ve traveled around the world for? What are you looking for in them? You haven’t figured that now, have you? Well, congratulations! You’re absolutely in the right place (maybe not, don’t count on us) to find out, what you really should be looking for when you’re in search of the absolute impossible, you know just to make it more ‘plausible’.



1. Your ultimate Support System

Ahh, so your parents didn’t support you in your singing career, did they? Maybe it was for the best? No? Okay.. Naturally, Rule No.1 when looking for your Husband, you gotta be the support system due to lack of support from others. Only your true soulmate would be kind enough to support you in your singing career (or whatever it may be that interests you) even if they know you sound like a horse. They would also give you tips and tricks to get better at it, even if there’s really no scope for it. Isn’t that true love?



2. Tall, Dark, Handsome? Maybe not

There’s no kidding, we all know that the ‘Tall, Dark, Handsome’- the ideal man is extremely unrealistic and one that’s most difficult to find! But who really chose only 3 attributes to define the perfect Husband? Instead watch out for the smart thinker, the one with the selfless nature, a personality that stands out from others but most of all the one who makes you feels like ‘you’re the only girl in the world’.





3. A great communicator

Can’t stress this enough, if they don’t communicate whole-heartedly with you, guess what? They may not be ‘The one’. Great communication = dodging the ‘unnecessary miscommunication’ bullet. You’ve got to be comfortable in all things you converse about and yes, that includes talking about your trashy-ex. They come, they go but at the end of the day, your Husband is the one you will spend talking to all your life.





4. Undivided attention

Surely you wouldn’t want your Husband to divide his attention between you and your fellow mate you call your ‘pet’. Well, when it comes to giving you the most wanted attention, it should come from your partner naturally. You shouldn’t have to ask that from them and neither should you wait in a corner for them to come to you. Remember that you giving them attention is inversely proportionate to the amount of attention you will get.





5. Make sure your needs are met

Humans have multiple needs for eg: food, shelter, clothing, water and, maybe more food. But we don’t mean your basic human needs. Your needs are much more than just that. Love, affection, attention, entertainment etc etc are the larger part of your needs that you would look for in your Husband and rightly so you need to make sure, you find the one who’s capable of providing for ALL of your needs. Wink* Wink*





6. Persistent and diligent like a superhero

If only the world of marvel and DC were real, we would ideally be looking for our ‘Ironman’, ‘Superman’, or whichever other men there are. But since that’s more reel than real, we gotta look at the ‘Real-world’ for the macho one. Superheroes are always persistent and diligent when it comes to catching the bad guys. Just like that, your own superhero should be persistent and diligent when it comes to taking efforts towards creating a strong relationship and nurturing you to become the best version of yourself. Only when they bring out the best in you is when you are most likely to see them as your ‘Superhero’


Well now that you’ve heard our 2 cents on what your Ideal husband should look like, it’s time we tell you that all of the above are in fact qualities of ‘Husband’.

Husband is your brand’s superhero, your knight in shining armor or, even your prince charming. Husband is out there looking to serve your needs whenever you ask for it. Committed to helping your brand in whatever segment you may require. From Brand Management to Marketing Strategies to everything design, Husband will have you covered on all business fronts. Persistent and diligent when tackling extraordinary challenges that your brand might be facing with ingenious and effective solutions. A great communicator when it comes to reaching out to your audience and creating a long-lasting impact through disruptive communication strategies.

Well, Husband’s attributes are simply not limited to the ones above but they flex to a wide array of attributes depending on what your brand is looking for! We know you don’t choose Husbands based just on someone else’s reference. Conversation is a must, right? So what’s stopping you? Reach out to us and let’s start a conversation that interests you the most & hopefully along the way your search for your ‘Superhero’ will come to a successful end!