A guide for businesses to stay afloat in any crisis.

Find North if you are Lost!

Let’s consider you are a small enterprise in the vast ocean of companies and the COVID-19 hit you like a tidal wave. Where do we go now, seems lost with no direction, fear of sinking? Well take a breath, obviously, wear a mask outdoors though!

Sailors are taught to look for the North Star to find their way. What should you do? – Adapt.

It’s the law of survival after all.

We thought the print media will get extinct coz digital media took over, next the digital media can be taken over by VR, and so on. The whole idea in this constant evolution is to innovate the way you work. Small or big businesses the point that distinguishes between them is not the capital but the vision to innovate. (Ok so how do we reach there right.)

There are several ways to improve the business but my point here is the Ikigai of your business. What you are good at, what you love to do, what can you get paid for, and what the world needs. The very last point is your answer. It’s a majorly overlooked but very important point of all. In this day and age to have an all-round aspect to whatever you do or whichever field you are in, try to connect the cause for people and you will get an answer.


Just to give you a perspective, you would need a compass in certain situations. You seek help from experts to sail ahead. Now you also want those experts to be in a win-win factor for you because you don’t have much to risk. Money becomes a factor, trust, expertise, and the right sense of direction. Someone who understands and helps you achieve your Ikigai to go to any place you desire.


Let’s look at an example here, Swiggy. They were initially hit by the changing ecosystem due to COVID-19, where people were scared to place deliveries to restaurants but soon Swiggy adapted their model and introduced Swiggy Genie which is a delivery system for essential products. This not only helped them sustain but gave them an edge over the competitors. Sometimes there is a compass and it works really well! And if you are looking for one then, here’s Husband for all of you. A brand tailor-made to suit your requirements to get you to your destination.