The coronavirus pandemic has forced more than half of the world to stay in their homes to stop the spread of this ghastly virus.

Everything stood still, the economy, the chaos of the city, the industries, the life. It seemed that the virus had gulped the life of each human being living on this planet. The pandemic affected and stopped the lives and the daily activity of the people but it couldn’t stop the one good thing ‘art’.


Art is a great way to communicate and express your thoughts and feelings.


Various artists and brands all around the world have used creativity and art as a medium and shared the message of how we all are in this together. People should come together and share and express how they feel as this time could be hard for the majority of people in the world.


Instagram pages like COVID Art Museum (@covidartmuseum), Stay Home Stay Positive (@stayhomestaypositive) are promoting the artwork of the artists from across the globe. The artwork is uploaded and collected through hashtags like #StayHomeStayPositive, #CovidArtMuseum, #QuarantineArt. All these hashtags today have gained more reach.



People thanked the unsung heroes and the corona warriors, they also chose to spread the humour by posting funny memes related to the situation. Some artists chose to aware of the people about mental health awareness by expressing the feeling of depression and anxiety which encouraged other people and gave rise to space to talk about their experience and the problems they are facing during the lockdown.



Art definitely helped the people to deal with the pandemic. Many communities were formed and people came together to help the frontline warriors, people suffering from the virus, people going through anxiety and depression.




One day all of this will end and the world will start living our life like the old normal. Maybe we will get inspired by the then situation and forget all the art related to COVID 19 but we sure will know that it was the art that helped us heal during the pandemic.